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Rabadash Studios
The Harrison

Bookings call 504-481-5635

The Control Room
The Racks
130 North Columbia
Covington, Louisiana
The Control Room North
Grand Piano

Harrison Series 32 - 40 Channel Console
Pro-Tools 10.3
Apogee Big Ben and AD - DA converters
GTQ Neve Stereo Pre-amp with EQ
Neve 2 channel 1081 Pre-amp
Summit MPC 100 Pre-amp
Telefunken U-72 Pre-amp
4 Telefunken V-676 Pre-amps
2 Telefunken V-672 Pre-amps
TAB Funkenwerk U-78 Pre-amp
UA LA-610 Pre-amp
16 channels Focusrite Platinum Pre-amp
Focusrite Voice Master Pro Pre-amp
Trident A Series Pre-amp w/EQ
2 ART MPA Pre-amps w/Telefunken Tubes
4 Shure M261 Pre-amps
Summit/Pultec type Stereo EQ
2 Distressor EL Compressors
ART VLA Limiter w/Telefunken Tubes
DBX 161 Compressor


Neumann M49 B Tube
4 Nuemann U87 - old version
Neumann U47 fet
AKG 451 E
2 AKG 451
2 AKG 414w/C12 caps
AKG 160 Pencil mic
2 Robe NTV Tube (Telefunken)
Audio Technica 4060 Tube (Telefunken)
Shure KSM 44
Shure KSM 322
Shure SM58 Dynamic mics
Groove Tube Large Diaphragm (Telefunken) Condensor
Groove Tube Small Diaphragm (Telefunken) Condensor
4 Oktava M012 mics
2 Oktava 319 mics
2 Oktava 219 mics
2 KM84 w/ 83 caps
4 MD421
2 RE20

Rabadash’ Latest Release – The New Orleans Pianoman’s 1st full-length production in nearly a decade. Featuring a stellar cast of New Orleans’ finest, including Herlin Riley, Roland Guerin and More!
  John Autin - Piano Town
‘O’’s got nothin’ but the Blues on this smokin’ disc
  Big Daddy ‘O’ - Used Blues
Killing tracks from one of New Orleans’ hardest working bands
  The Blues Masters featuring “Big Al” Carson
       - 3 Phat Cats & 1 Skinny Dawg
Lindsay Mendez – Rabadash’ Youngest Artist and Rising Star
  Lindsay Mendez - Reaching Out
New for 2009: Tom McDermott – A Profoundly Gifted New Orleans Composer & Musician
  Tom McDermott - New Orleans Duets
Click here to read more.
Waylon Thibodeaux – Cajun, Zydeco, and the Roots of Louisiana Music
  Waylon Thibodeaux - Who’s Yo’ Cher Bé Bé
Rabadash Records presents one of New Orleans’ most promising songwriters & performers
  Amanda Walker - Amanda Walker
A low cost sampler featuring one song from each of our great CD’s
  Rabadash Records Still Standin’ (Sampler)
Fund Raising CD for Gulf Coast musicians displaced from Hurricane Katrina
  Compilation - From The Lonestar To The Gulf Coast
Other great CD’s from Big Daddy 'O'
  Big Daddy 'O' - What You Gotta Go Through
  Big Daddy 'O' - Deranged Covers
  Big Daddy 'O' - That’s How Strong My Love Is
New Orleans Piano
  John Autin - Piano Face
The Latest from Al Broussard
  Al Broussard - The Music of a Lifetime
The truth is in here.
  Tex Townes - Spoken Word & Post Psychedelic Trance Music
Anders Osborne's earlier albums from before the “Sony” deal - only from Rabadash.
  Anders Osborne - Break the Chain
  Anders Osborne - Osborne Orchestra
This re-mastered reissue still sounds fresh and funky!
Other great artists produced by and/or with performances by Anders Osborne.
  Theresa Andersson - Vibes
  Doug Duffey - Danger, Sex & Sound F/X
  Rockin' Jake - Let's Go Get 'Em
More great artists from Rabadash.
  John Magnie - Now Appearing
  Nora Wixted - Before The Feeling Is Gone
  Jeff Spence - Rockin' Louisiana Man
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