Before the Feeling is Gone by Nora Wixted
Funky grooves with great songs and a true New Orleans Vibe with a little Pop thrown in. Nora Wixted is a prolific writer with beautiful unique voice. This CD is an amazing collection of some great songs and a who's who of New Orleans finest musicians.

Drums-Bunchy Johnson, Johnny Thomassie
Bass-George Perter,Jr., Lenny DiMartino,John Loupe, Bill Hunnington, Lenny Jenkins
Guitar- Brian Stoltz, Cranston Clements, Scott Goudeaux
Piano,Keyboards- John Autin, Nora Wixted
Saxophones- Tim Ernest,Charlie Brent,Ward Smith, Robert Gable
Trombone-Mark Mullins
Trumpet-Randal Carstater
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