Let's Go Get 'Em by Rockin Jake
New Orleans Harmonica king Rockin’ Jake jams with Rhythm & Blues legends Tommy Ridgley and Oliver Morgan, Meters’ bass superstar George Porter Jr., Maria Muldaur, Anders Osborne, Theresa Andersson, and More... It’s amazing that producer John Autin could keep the roof on the studio with so much talent in the house! Another Rabadash release destined to find itself a warm place in your “always gettin’ played” pile.
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01. SeCret NaMe 
02. SoPhis Teca Ted Cissy 
05. PaRadiSe RiDe 
07. BaYou SuNseT 
08. Me AnD My bRothErs 
09. NeW LoVer 
10. BiGGer thAn God HimSelf 
11. ThEm sO BaD