The Blues Masters featuring “Big Al” Carson – 3 Phat Cats and 1 Skinny Dawg
“Big Al” Carson and the Blues Masters - New Orleans King of Soulful Blues and his super tight band make for a great CD experience. These guys play 6 nights a week together on New Orleans’ world famous Bourbon Street and this CD is a combination of arrangements simmered in the pot for months and some soulful treatments of original 1st cut songs. The groove is deep and the vocals are soulful. Al is a one-of-a-kind vocalist who has been packing them in for years at the Funky Pirate on Bourbon St.
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01. Callin’ You Out02. Back To The Old School
03. Black Cat Bone
04. Hip Shakin’ Mama05. School Boy Crush
06. Don’t Look Any Further
07. It’s Not The End Of The World
08. The Turning Point
09. Who Knows
10. One Really Good Sad Song
11. I’ll Play The Blues For You
12. Sunday Funnies
13. 32-20 Blues
14. A World Without You