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Amanda Walker - Amanda Walker
01. Believe
02. California Sun
03. Paul McCartney
04. Glass House
05. Every Prince
06. I Don’t Think it’s Me
07. Rosie
08. Other Side
09. The Road Winds On
10. Three Days In
11. Warn You Once
12. 7000 Reasons
13. Brighter Day
14. The Rain
Amanda has been playing and composing music most of her life. She was born and raised in a rural Missouri town nestled between St. Louis and Memphis. The result is music influenced by rock, blues, jazz, folk, country, r&b, gospel, small towns, big dreams, and a hodge-podge of everything growing in the Mississippi River delta.

After an undergraduate career spent mostly on the tennis courts and in painting studios of Southeast Missouri State University, Amanda landed in New Orleans to pursue a juris doctorate degree from Tulane Law School in the heart of musical and artistic creativity. It has been this city’s authentic spirit of rebirth and creation that has given rise to Amanda’s most recent musical endeavors. Her music revels in the notion of rising from ashes and reincarnating oneself with each life lesson. It is a collage of snapshots of pure emotion that come from living each day to the fullest.

This debut album is an outstanding collection of original music from one of New Orleans’ most promising up and coming songwriters/performers.