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Al Broussard - The Music of a Lifetime
01. Boogie Woogie
02. I'm Confessing That I Love You
03. No Money
04. I'll Be Glad When You're Dead, You
        Rascal, You
05. Last Night On The Back Porch
06. Cecelia
07. C.C. Rider
08. St. Louis Blues
It's a hot, steamy night on Bourbon Street and the air is filled with the sounds of New Orleans special kind of music. In the middle of it all Al Broussard is playing solo piano and singing music that in this setting, could instantly transport you back to 1926. Al Broussard 'Music of a Lifetime" captures the unaffected turn of the century style including blues, ragtime, and Jazz in it's purest form. Audiences in New Orleans have loved and respected Al and his "human trumpet" for well over half a century. Al performs solo here (with a little help from Johnny Walker Red) and the sound is captured here in digital quality to bring him right into your living room.